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A drug crime conviction follows you for the rest of your life – condemning you to a lengthy prison stay, hefty fines that drain your finances, criminal record as a felon and restrictive parole or probation conditions upon your release.

The Tampa, Florida, trial lawyers at the Law Offices of Dominic O. Fariello, P.A. are always fully prepared to bring their many years of experience and creative defense strategies to the aggressive protection of your rights in state and federal courts. We know the consequences you face and work hard to help you avoid harsh punishments.

We are the "go-to" law firm for persons investigated and arrested along Florida’s Gulf Coast. When you retain us to represent you in a drug crime, theft or DUI, case, you can expect an open-door policy and one-on-one personal attention, start to finish; frequent updates on your case and maximum availability to our expertise throughout the process; prompt return of calls and emails; on-site private investigator services and a bail bondsman also on the premises.

Your drug crime arrest could have been based on an illegal search and seizure by police. You may have been coerced into confessing to a drug offense. Drugs could have been planted on your person or in your car by someone with a vendetta against you. There are any number of ways that a drug arrest could go wrong – and if they exist in your case, we will find them.

For quality criminal defense legal services that include attentive personal service, in-depth investigation, skillful negotiation and litigation techniques that resonate in the courtroom, Contact the Law Offices of Dominic O. Fariello, P.A. Our reputation for results proves that we can help you.

Your free initial consultation can take place at a jail or police station if you have been arrested. We serve criminal law clients in Tampa, central Florida and along the Gulf Coast.

Aggressive Protection Of Your Rights In Tampa And Gulf Coast Drug Cases

Experienced criminal defense attorneys Dominic O. Fariello safeguard your interests, in and out of court, if you have been arrested for a drug crime such as:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Distribution
  • Drug Sale And Delivery
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Importation And Cultivation
  • Drug Transportation
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Illegal Prescription Acquisition, Possession Or Sale
  • Possession And Distribution Of Party Drugs

Timing is essential to a successful defense in drug crime cases. You owe it to yourself, your family and your future to act now to protect your rights and Contact Tampa drug crimes attorney Fariello to arrange your free initial consultation. Call 813-251-5550813-251-5550 immediately if you are in trouble. We respond promptly to your email or overnight message.