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Many of us look at rear-end accidents as "fender benders" that don’t produce real injuries; sometimes that’s the case. In other cases, drivers and passengers experience life-changing injuries that produce chronic pain and result in the need for rehabilitative treatment, surgery and other health care that can last for years.

Rear-end collisions can cause serious neck and back injuries, as well as other soft-tissue injuries. Whiplash and impact can occur because of the negligence of another driver tailgating in rush-hour traffic, making a sudden stop, texting while driving or otherwise behaving dangerously.

Rear-end injuries may not be obvious immediately – sometimes because of the adrenaline rush that can accompany an accident. It is important to get proper medical care if you feel pain, become nauseous or experience other symptoms of injury following a collision. It is also important to get legal advice if you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence.

Attorneys Who Understand The Impact Of Soft-Tissue Injuries

At the Law Offices of Dominic O. Fariello, P.A., based in Tampa, Florida, we help car accident victims protect their legal rights. We help our clients obtain maximum compensation for their injuries.

We Do Not Give Legal Advice Via This Website, But We Do Offer The Following General Guidelines To People Hurt In Rear-End Collisions:

  • Do Not Talk To Another Driver’s Insurance Company Before Speaking To Your Lawyer. Do Not Accept A Settlement
  • Take Pictures Of The Incident To Document The Damage. Use Your Phone Or Someone Else’s Phone To Photograph Your Car, As Well As Any Bruising Or Other Visible Symptoms Of Injury
  • Get Witnesses’ Names, Phone Numbers And Addresses. Law Enforcement May Not Do This On Your Behalf
  • Again, Get Proper Medical Care
  • Talk To A Lawyer About Whether You May Have A Claim
  • Be Proactive About Your Case

Every car accident case is different. We can help you understand how to resolve your case.

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