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Has a series of traffic tickets put your Florida driving privileges in jeopardy? To say nothing of all the money you have lost in fines and court costs?

In greater Tampa, central Florida and along the Gulf Coast, the lawyers whose experience with traffic offenses cases – including HTO (habitual traffic offender) matters – can work in your favor are the Law Offices of Dominic O. Fariello, P.A.

Traffic laws are enacted to make streets safer for everyone – drivers, passengers and pedestrians. And yet many Florida motorists are often mistakenly targeted for traffic violations and incur excessive penalties. If you feel you have been unreasonably served with a traffic citation, Contact our firm immediately, before paying the fine.

Why? Because if you pay the fine for a speeding ticket, moving violation, non-moving violation or toll violation, payment could be considered an admission of guilt. You should fight hard to avoid this outcome – and our defense lawyers Dominic O. Fariello will fight right alongside you.

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Aggressively Protecting Your Rights And Florida Driver’s License

Police can clock the speed you are driving in a variety of ways: radar detectors, lasers, pacing and by aircraft. But these methods are far from perfect. To fight your ticket and avoid points on your driver’s license, you should speak with Dominic O. Fariello right away. They have experience in successfully handling speeding and nonmoving (parking) violation traffic cases in Florida’s traffic courts, and with civil citations for violations of right of way, improper lane change, failure to obey traffic control devices and seat belt infractions.

If you have been cited for a toll violation, you should know that automated toll payment devices can malfunction or accounts can drop without the owner realizing it. Paying toll violation tickets could result in a three additional points to your driver’s license. Our lawyers work hard to ensure that you do not pay unjust fees and suffer undue punishments for toll violations.

Strong Representation In Florida Criminal Matters

If you have been accused of a crime or serious traffic offense, we are here to protect your rights and freedom.

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