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Medical marijuana may soon be legal in Florida. Recreational marijuana will probably not be legal in the foreseeable future.

Being convicted of possession, distribution or cultivation of marijuana can land you in jail, adversely affect your career and cause many other problems. If you need an attorney who can strongly protect your rights in any criminal case related to cannabis, our firm can help.

Representing Clients From All Ages And Backgrounds

At the Law Offices of Dominic O. Fariello, P.A., based in Tampa, we represent clients who have been accused of Drug charges related to marijuana.

We Have Extensive Experience Handling Felony And Misdemeanor Cases That Involve:

  • Motorists Who Were Arrested For Possession After Being Pulled Over For Speeding Or Another Driving-related Issue
  • Questions About The Legality Of A Law Enforcement Officer’s Search And Seizure In A Vehicle
  • Simple Possession
  • Possession With Intent To Distribute
  • College Students Who Are Arrested

With marijuana charges, there are no age, race or class lines. Our firm provides aggressive, strategic defense representation to clients from all backgrounds.

Whether you were arrested after an officer reportedly smelled marijuana in your car or you were charged after police searched your home, our attorneys can protect your rights. If law enforcement made a mistake regarding your arrest, we will expose that.

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