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Many people ride a bicycle to work, for recreation, and for exercise. Bicycles help to save money on gas, they can be exhilarating, and riding a bicycle is a healthy way to get your body moving. There are many enjoyable aspects of riding a bicycle, but it is important to remember the dangers as well. As you ride, try to keep the following bicycle safety tips in mind to avoid bicycle accidents.

Always be on the lookout for cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has statistics that show the top mistakes that people make that cause bicycle accidents, and not looking both ways before entering a street is one of them. This is especially critical when you are riding into a street from a driveway, an alley, or between parked cars, because drivers are not expecting a bicyclist to enter the road in the middle of a block. Look left and right, then do a double-take just to be thorough. This simple act alone can prevent bicycle accidents.

Ride in a straight line. Making sudden turns or swerving around the road can take you right into the path of a driver. Use hand signals before changing lanes. If you think of your bicycle as a vehicle and follow the rules that cars follow, you should be able to prevent bicycle accidents. A common mistake that gets bicycle riders in trouble is riding in the wrong direction. Again, if you follow the same rules as cars, you will be less likely to have an accident. This applies to stop signs and red lights as well. Don’t run them.

Do not ride while intoxicated. People operating any vehicle should not do it while under the influence, but when you are on a bicycle, being impaired can be even more dangerous. Drinking affects your balance, reflexes, and coordination, and when you are riding a bicycle on the road, you will need to be sharp and attentive. Alcohol involvement was cited in 37% of all fatal bicycle accidents in 2012.

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