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Many children enjoy the freedom and fun of riding a bicycle. However, it is very important to remind children that bicycles are vehicles, not toys, and they should be treated with respect. They need to know to follow the rules of the road and to always take the proper safety precautions.

What is wrong with this photo? This child is not wearing a helmet! Bicycle safety should start young.

Teach children to inspect their bicycles to make sure that they are safe to ride. This means checking all the screws and connectors to make sure they are tight, make sure the chain is in place, and the brakes are working properly. This will also teach them to take responsibility for their actions and for their property, which is a great lesson.

Make sure children are wearing a helmet. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent fatalities during bicycle accidents. Bicycle safety helmets are essential for children, as they tend to experience more falls than adults.

Check to make sure the bicycle is the right size for your child. When standing with legs straddled over the bicycle, there should be 1 or 2 inches between you and the top bar if using a standard road bike and 3 to 4 inches if using a mountain bicycle. The knee should be slightly bent when the leg is extended, so adjust the seat height accordingly. If the bike is too small or too large, this could cause difficulties in control, which could in turn lead to bicycle accidents.

Wear bright colors or white. No matter what time of day, sometimes drivers have a hard time seeing children riding their bikes in the street. Bright colors will attract attention so they will know to avoid you. Try not to ride at night, because even with reflective or brightly colored clothing, drivers will have a much harder time seeing you, and when they do, it may be too late.

Don’t do “bicycle tricks.” Riding with no hands, popping wheelies, and other types of tricks are dangerous. Even a helmet is sometimes not enough to protect you if you are taking risks like riding on one wheel.

Educated children are safer children, and taking the above precautions is a good way to practice bicycle safety. However, even the safest bicyclists experience accidents, so if your child or another family member has suffered from a bicycle accident, contact us as soon as possible to ensure you receive proper legal representation. Call 813-251-5550813-251-5550 today for a free consultation. Also, check out some of our other articles about Motorcycle SafetyBicycle Safety and pedestrian safety.

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